Keep Cooking The Maine Way

It’s Monday morning and I’m cooking up my first batch of rhubarb sauce.  You can find the easiest recipe for this in Marjorie Standish’s “Keep Cooking The Maine Way” cookbook.  This was her sequel to “Cooking Downeast.”  My Aunt Jo had a copy of the latter book in her kitchen and she gave me a copy of it as a wedding gift.  It’s a Maine thing.

Today’s post isn’t really about rhubarb, though.  I was just wasting time, trying to tease out some cogent words.  One of my “followers,” Bernard Saint, sent me an e-mail yesterday and asked when I planned to start writing about gardening again.  He didn’t say so, but the implication was that he might be a little bit tired of hearing about Uncle Bob, Moxie, the Red Sox, and rain barrels.

What he did say was this:

“I am often confused when you talk about your gardens.  How many gardens do you have?  Where are they?  Can you do a blog post about your gardens and how they came to be?”

As a novice writer and blogger, it’s a gift to have readers who enjoy my material and then contact me about it.  I’m also a bit of a people pleaser, so the request for content on a specific topic put me into “get on it” mode.  That’s why this week’s blog is going to be a trip to “All My Gardens.”  Of course (said rather histrionically, emphasis on “course”) there will be drama and excitement.  Everyone’s life is a soap opera and I’m no exception.

On Tuesday, I’ll write in detail about The Hampton Victory garden, the little place where I gained my garden confidence.  On Wednesday, I’ll write about my Lisbon Falls “surprise garden.”  Thursdays are “Minimalist” posts (taking a breath to make it through the week) and then on Friday, I’ll cover my Uncle Bob garden.  On Saturday, I’ll tell a little story called “Gardening at an Undisclosed Location,” and that should cover it.

Sunday, as we all know, is Mother’s Day and a day of rest.  There will be no garden drama on that day.  Stay tuned, Bernard Saint; this week, I will make it all clear for you.

Until then, seek out some rhubarb and some Marjorie Standish and keep cooking the Maine way.

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