Cute Little Everything

I have a bad habit.  I use the word “little” to describe everything.  If I see a striking old house I’ll say “what a pretty little house” even though it’s at least 3,000 square feet.  I might see a plate of jumbo cookies and say “could you please pass me one of those yummie little cookies?”  Maybe I’m shopping at a cute little boutique in Portsmouth and I pick up an outrageously expensive handbag; I might just say “what a darling little bag!”  Obviously, I have no sense of “word proportion.”   I don’t buy overpriced darling little bags, either.

I’m certainly not a cute little person.  I’m tall, almost five feet nine inches. I drive a roomy Jeep.  Sometimes, I have a big mouth; I talk a lot.  I’m not sure why I’m so enamored with “cute little everything.”

Here’s a picture of a cute little bird’s nest a family of sparrows have built here at the Coop.

It’s the best little thing going on here this spring.

Another little Celtics’ game over; someone get me a couple little cups of coffee!

What are some of your favorite little words?

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