Pests in the Garden

Stopping by the Hampton Victory Garden at dusk last night, I ran into Jack.  He was upset and told me there was an outbreak of a fungal disease on his squash plants.  I walked around the garden and noted that there was a powdery white substance on many of the squash plants.

I am not an expert at everything in the garden; Eric Sideman is an expert.  His article covers a lot of the unpleasant pests who show up at this time in the summer garden.  He discusses “powdery mildew” at the end of the article, which is what is happening with cucurbits in the Hampton Victory Garden.

Uncle Bob doesn’t have any powdery mildew yet.

(This is a different Bob.  He’s not an uncle and he doesn’t have powdery mildew.  He’s so adorable, I couldn’t help myself.)

There are other kinds of pests that stop by the garden from time to time, but that’s a story for another day.

What is the worst pest you’ve had in your garden this summer?

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