I’m Old-Fashioned

It’s “Birthday Week” here at the Coop and at home; that implies not only well-wishes for long life and vitality, cards, cakes, and presents, but a few old-fashioned things too.  One of those old-fashioned things I like is the “thank you note.”

Long before I was a blogger, I was interested in “etiquette” and “manners.”  My mother taught my brother and me almost everything we knew and might need to swirl in the social circles of Lisbon Falls, Maine and beyond.  Helen helped us to say “please” and “thank you” and taught us how to write it, too.  After graduating from the University of Maine at Orono, I picked up my first copy of “Etiquette” by Emily Post at a flea market.  Today, I have a little library of books about etiquette and manners.  They’re quaint and old-fashioned, like the old cookbooks I read on the nights when I can’t fall asleep.

Even though the rest of the world may have transcended manners, I’m old fashioned and I write “thank you” notes.

Here’s the simple skinny on writing a “thank you” note:

Dear (insert name of person or persons being thanked)

Thank you for (insert gift, dinner, or item given)

It was (insert why the gift, dinner, or item was thoughtful and why it was appreciated)

Sincerely (insert your thankful name here)

Yesterday was my birthday and my thoughtful friends at The Big Corporation surprised me with flowers, a delicious cake, and some gifts.  It was lovely.  Today, I need to get busy with my “thank you” notes.  Here is a sample of the note I’m thinking of sending to Tildee Murchoch, who brought in flowers:

Dear Tildee,

Thank you for the beautiful arrangement of birthday flowers.  It was sweet of you to not only remember that I prefer local, organic, grass-fed flowers, but to also include my favorite, the sunflower.  You have a good eye for flower arranging; if things don’t turn out with the “earth friendly professionals” group, you would make a terrific flower farmer.  Thank you again for making my special day beautiful!



People may show up for job interviews in pajamas and Crocs; that is their business.  Until the post office has delivered the last piece of mail, I’ll keep writing thank you notes.

Oh, and thank you for reading my blog!  I like it when you stop by!

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3 Responses to I’m Old-Fashioned

  1. SK says:

    I did not realize you were an August baby! Wishing you a very happy birthday (belated) and a wonderful year to come! ❤

  2. Helen (help us) taught me to hold open doors for people, especially women. I don’t do the written thank you like you do, but it’s still a nice touch, IMO.

    Etiquette is no longer practiced, which is too bad. Some refinement and manners used to matter, but now, it seems like being rude and crass will get you to the top of the heap.

    • Hi Jim,
      Manners matter here at the Hampton Victory Garden blog, so please feel free to hold the door open for the ladies any time you stop by! The coffee’s on, too!
      Thanks for being such a supportive brother and adding your thoughts to this old-fashioned virtual world!

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