The Trees at Pease

I looked up and for a minute, I thought I was home.

There are beautiful trees everywhere.

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4 Responses to The Trees at Pease

  1. Minimalism in all its colorful glory! Love the colors in the fall.

  2. The land where Proust never strayed says:

    I lived for a year at Pease, 1971-1972. I remember fondly a white wooden footbridge that allowed pedestrians from officer’s housing to reach the chapel and school, and playing endless cowboys and explosives games on it. I remember fondly a little black girl who lived on the opposite end of our quadriplex housing block who had the biggest crush on me, and who I hope has had a happy life in the intervening forty years. I spent fourth grade there, too, but like all time I spent in schools it seems to have been wasted and is now all forgotten, except that I seem to recall still doing savings bonds drives there.

    But these leaves, no, I do not remember them.

    • Maple trees grow quite fast and these particular ones are closer to the flight line area.
      It’s possible they were just little saplings when you lived at Pease.
      I will ask Cherie Ripperton about the white wooden foot bridge.

  3. The land where Proust never strayed says:

    It’s more likely they weren’t around back them, trees drop stuff that gets sucked into jet engines. Unpleasant consequences and all that.

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