Oh Uncle Bob!

You must have been a Boy Scout!

Be prepared!

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4 Responses to Oh Uncle Bob!

  1. No love for shovels says:

    Now there’s a torture device to put a chill in a man…

  2. No love for shovels says:

    Actually, I’m looking at that house, and comparing it in my mind to a farmer’s house in Bavaria, and wondering what your grandfather thought of it? It’s so small by comparison, all wood which in Germany means it’s temporary. I would suspect he didn’t think highly of it, but it’s held up quite well.

  3. Lemonade for spades says:

    I did not, I repeat, did NOT sign myself off as “No love for shovels.”

    I can’t remember what I did sign myself off as, but that was not it. You bowdlerize me, you lose me.

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