The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the Monday before the Thursday before the Friday about which the rest of America is excited.  Because I don’t have a Tee Vee, I’m less aware of the consumer economy shenanigans, but I’ve noticed some shopping chatter over the sports talk radio waves.  Apparently, a certain automotive center will be opening at 4:00 a.m. on “La La La I Can’t Hear You” Friday.  People who don’t generally move faster than turtles are also “working out” in preparation for this day.  Maybe they’re worried about the trouble brewing at a certain big box store and want to be able to flee quickly if things get out of hand.

If things get out of hand, it will be a sensational story on the Tee Vee news.

I’ve never participated in this particular day of consumer economy shenanigans, but I’d be a real BLEEP if I wrote a blog post telling readers to avoid being hoodwinked by the “sales person.”  After all, consumption and debt are a way of life for some and I’m also susceptible to messages which tell me I will be a better person if I buy a new handbag.

I have, however, noticed a slight increase in the stress levels of everyone around me and stress can be contagious.  I’m worried about my stressed-out friends and it’s important that I remain calm at this most wonderful time of the year; after all, what use will I be to them if I’m on the edge of the stress ledge with them?

A fine mess it will be; we’ll be like a pack of Chihuahuas caught in a big box store when the trouble breaks out.  For this particular reason, I won’t be shopping on “La La La I can’t hear you” Friday.

This particular day is now considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season, but I wonder if there isn’t something a little Pavlovian about it.  I know it’s utterly simplistic, but perhaps we’ve been conditioned to shop by all the cues and messages we’ve received over the years.  In spite of the “deconditioning” I’ve implemented in my own life, I still have moments of personal frustration which only seem manageable by a trip to “the store.”  These days, I’m working to tune those bells out when they ring.

I’m not going to tell anyone what to do.  That’s not my gig.  However, in order to be a person of good spirits and good will for all the people in my life, I will not be shopping on “La La La I can’t hear you” day.


Let the holidays begin.

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