The Bird of Paradise

Not a follower of superstitions, I was surprised to learn there are many New Year’s food traditions which are thought to bring good luck.  Black-eyed peas, ring-shaped food, and pork all possess a certain something which makes them fortuitous dietary choices.  Collard greens are thought to bring good fortune too because they look like folded money.

Doesn’t a nice steaming pan of folded paper money (sautéed in butter, of course) sound delicious?

As I read through the list and the somewhat fuzzy logic behind each food’s apparent lucky benefits, I decided it was time to make my own short list of charming things that had happened in my life lately.

In November, when I went to the Junior League of Boston’s Decorator Show House, a bird BLEEP’d on my black vintage patent leather handbag.  Luckily, the fortune fudge scraped right off; there was no damage and no evidence.  As I’ve combed the internet for some source of this superstition, I’ve found quite a few references to the power of bird droppings if they land on a person’s head.  The scat is thought to be a sign of wealth coming down from the heavens; prosperity and good fortune are just around the corner.  I wonder if this superstition is doubly true when the mess lands on a handbag?  Wouldn’t it be logical if the symbolic wealth of the droppings circumvented my head and went directly into my purse?

I’ve had my share of shooting stars this year, too; I saw another one on New Year’s Day when I took my sunrise walk.

Then there’s an old Tee Vee superstition from the Newhart show.  I watched a little bit of Tee Vee back in the 80’s and this particular episode always comes to mind when I wind my way home through the pastoral old suburban roads of Rye, New Hampshire.  For the last few nights, many deer have been meandering around doorways and mailboxes, stepping out into the road at just the moment my headlights illuminate their hooves.  It’s lucky that we haven’t collided, what with their general disregard for property lines and sidewalks.

2013 has begun and it promises to be as busy and challenging as 2012; I’m going to need all the help I can get to keep things moving onward at a steady pace.  How enchanting it would be to know the karmic scales were tipped in my favor from these three random and absurd events.  But since I can’t be sure with absolute certainty, I’ll have to keep looking to some of the old landmarks while I search for new solutions.

What things are you counting on to make 2013 a happy new year?

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2 Responses to The Bird of Paradise

  1. Bruce says:

    If you hit and kill a deer in New Hampshire, are you able to take it to a butcher or do you have to let the state dispose of it? Being able to keep the meat would be a stroke of good fortune, possibly enough to offset the cost of a new grill / hood / bumper.

    One I learned is that the Chinese are exceptionally concerned with good omens of the New Year, both ours and the Chinese New Year. It’s bad luck to not come to a deal, so they can be very flexible on prices.

    • Bruce, I’m not clear on NH Fish & Game laws, but the scenario would only be fortuitous if I had a large freezer. For today, I’m happy to let the dancing deer play in the headlights. Thanks for the bargaining tips!

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