Snow Day for the Chic Boutique

It snowed yesterday.  I spent the day working in Portland, Maine and it was slushy and messy.  Two farmers showed up in Longfellow Square and I bought some grass fed beef.

I left the office around 4:00 p.m. and headed out to get a cup of coffee for the ride home.  The upscale coffee shop I usually go to had closed due to the snow.


I slogged down Exchange Street and found another upscale coffee shop that was open, but I noticed a lot of chic boutiques had darkened their doorways.  Mark Gatti was hitching up his hot dog cart at the corner of Tommy’s Park.

“Hey, how was your day today?” I asked.

“Not bad,” he said “I turned a profit.”

Right on.

I made the final schlep towards the parking lot and paused outside another boutique.  The lights were dim but it wasn’t dark.  I jiggled the door handle, hoping against hope they were open.

No luck.

Walking away, I made eye contact with a fellow traveler.  I said “Lots of places are closed today.”

“Yeah,” he said “Bunch of wimps.”

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2 Responses to Snow Day for the Chic Boutique

  1. Slushy says:

    Wusses, too. Did the stores shovel their sidewalks? But that’s what happens when all your business depends on who is going to drive in from out of town. Gatti, who serves the people who work there, managed.

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