Simply Garbage

Bernard Saint thinks I should make some arts and crafts out of old newspapers.

Bernard, I’m more worried about recycling these boxes.

Any ideas on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle this garbage?

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4 Responses to Simply Garbage

  1. jeanne says:

    Hi, Julie-Ann. Well, for the future…. regarding the Panera catering boxes: Maybe talk to a manager at Panera and see if they’d consider switching to reusable trays/containers (w/ barcodes). They could charge a nominal fee and reimburse the customer once the tray/container is returned.

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    Maybe stop supporting Panera and Starbucks altogether? Cut off the problem at the root?

  3. Thank you Jeanne and LP. At The Big Corporation, vendors occasionally stop by with food for us; the old Trojan Garbage Horse. Asking for reusable containers is a very good idea; I’ll remember this when I’m buying the snacks. I also choose local restaurants versus the chains.

  4. Andy says:

    For a frugal gardener like yourself, I am amazed you did not scoff these boxes right up! The Panera boxes, especially the shallow boxes scream seed beds to me. The cardboard will help hold moisture and will eventually decompose. If you feel you must, you could peel the printed layer off and discard (you can’t re-use everything). You could line the other boxes with re-used foil, or even simple white paint to create a reflective surface, and a “solar oven”. A small amount of clear plastic from a 40 lb carrot bag from a local CSA would help to keep the warm air and moisture in as well. In the summer, when you transplant your seedlings, you can either burn the leftover cardboard, and use the heat to warm a cup of water for tea or coffee, or even to blog by for a short period of time… or you could use it to store excess books, root vegetables, or miscellaneous glass jars. You see a pile of excess corporate packaging/ marketing, I see an opportunity for someone. Not for me though, I get my 99 cent vegetables at Walmart (OK Hanniford).
    See- I read the blog!

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