Let Freedom Ring

There is a small airport in North Hampton, New Hampshire aptly called the Hampton Airfield.  It is the domain of hobby pilots, from what I have observed on sunny Sunday afternoons.  Yesterday I took an early evening walk along the ocean, climbing the small grade at Little Boar’s Head and continuing on to Fuller Gardens.  The heavy clouds and intermittent rain which had been suffocating New England for the past few weeks finally lifted and since it was the beginning of the Independence Day holiday, many people were out and about.

A replica of Baron von Richtofen’s red Fokker buzzed overhead and sailed towards the beach, menacingly dipping towards the surf and the beachgoers.  The Maltese cross painted on the wings jarred me for a moment, but then I remembered it was a symbol of World War I and not a different era of German aggression.

I guess we’re still free.

For a flashback to last year’s Independence Day post, click the picture of Edith Wharton’s architecturally and aesthetically pleasing door.

Stay free.

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