Sunday Morning Glory Distraction

I think about the future.  Without my own children, I don’t have a biological connection to the future, but I do have a nephew and my love for him reminds me that I have some responsibilities.

When I’m at home and I’m working in the garden, I see teenagers walk by.  They’re distracted by devices in their hands.

Sometimes, they’re not even paying attention to each other.  They don’t see me behind my wall of eight foot high sunflowers; they don’t see the sunflowers.  I wonder what they’re learning in school.  Are they staring at phones and screens all day?  Or are they studying sunflowers and the Fibonacci sequence of numbers?

It can take 75 days to grow a sunflower.  That’s a long time into the future.

The Morning Glory, before it opens, is a tightly spiraled bud.  In the early morning, it unravels into a beautiful distraction.

I hope there are more Sunday Morning Glory distractions in the future. 

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Glory Distraction

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Something’s wrong with the world when a morning glory is a distraction, not a highlight.

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