The Coop Redux

The Coop sale was imminent; I was preparing for the new owners. Mary and Dave, who I like to refer to as “M&D,” might not want to call their new home a “chicken coop-sized condo.” It was all fun and games when I was lady alone traveler and farm girl wannabe.

Out of respect for M&D, I started calling it “the seaside condo.” The “surf side residence” was nice, too.

Imagine my surprise when M&D started moving in a few of their boxes.

Viva La Coop!

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3 Responses to The Coop Redux

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Buck buck, bakawww, baby!

  2. Mary Conant says:

    Absolutely love this blog, Julie-Ann. I think it was pretty ironic that we used “egg boxes” to pack up our belongings for the move to the former “coop” to now “the seaside condo”. Thank you, Friend. Hugs, M & D

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