The Absurd Routines of Life

Back when I lived at The Coop, I had a certain morning routine that involved getting up early and spending some quiet time reading and writing.  I’d post my blog, do paperwork, and drink coffee.  Then, I’d start my morning work preparations.

As I look back on it, some of these routines were complex.  I’d have to parse out my vitamins, prepare my lunch, and load up my water.  I know, it sounds absurd, but I didn’t like the water at the office and I don’t like drinking water out of plastic, so I would bring my filtered water into work in sixteen ounce recycled glass bottles.  Baby bottles, I guess.  I’d put the bottles in Moxie “coozies” and load everything into a canvas tote bag.

My mother would call these routines “gyrations.”

I don’t live at The Coop anymore and I won’t be going into The Big Corporation’s offices either.  I won’t have so many gyrations.  Still, I’m a creature of habit and I love routines.  I like mindless tasks like cutting up vegetables and counting things.  I like putting my keys in the same place every time I use them.

Some people are more comfortable with reinvention, like the JBE.

I’ve got my desk set up, pointing 42 degrees northeast.  My vitamins are all parsed out for the day and my water is rationed too.  Even though I won’t have to go anywhere today, I’ve decided to honor both routines and change.

My blogging routines might be a little discombobulated as I figure out how this new arrangement is going to work out, but one thing I know.

I’m going to drink my water today, in a bottle and in a glass!

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3 Responses to The Absurd Routines of Life

  1. Freeloadin' Freddie says:

    Time for a Big Berkey. Fill it once a day.

  2. jbomb62 says:

    Not sure I’m totally “comfortable” with reinvention. Having been at it for a decade now, I understand the ebb and flow, and I’ve developed my own “gyrations” that get me through those patches when I wonder if living in free agent nation is the right zip code–I know it is for me, but it’s never an easy slog, although it’s an interesting one fo’ shizzle.

    Proper hydration is a good thing, and the boy will be happy you are drinking it out of a bottle.

    Having a window to look out while working, and a comfortable space is a great starting place for the next chapter in the unfolding story of the JAB.

    One thing that I am very comfortable with; my decision to walk out the door of corporate America, and leaving places like Moscow Mutual behind. Your new perch is a great place to be.

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