You Ought to Take a Class

At one time in my life, a friend suggested I take a class to stave off loneliness. I signed up for a rug-hooking class and although it was easy, there were many things I had to “buy” before I could hook a rug. All the wool I had stored in boxes couldn’t be used, according to the instructor.

It seemed to me that the purpose of the class was to empty my wallet and the shelves of the rug hooking studio; what I really wanted to do was hook a rug. I dropped out and I haven’t signed up for many classes since then.

I’m taking a class today. I won’t be stringing beads or squeezing frosting out of tubes, but I may learn something.

I’ll let you know.

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4 Responses to You Ought to Take a Class

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Methinks Miz Julie will return brimming with so much knowledge on how to grow better, more nutritious food that she won’t know where to start.

    Even better, everyone who knows Miz Julie will benefit from what she learns today.

    It’s all good.

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