Spaceman, the Sequel

I’m working on a long piece about a very short trip the Lady Alone Traveler took.  Kind of like Bill Lee, some of it was in my mind.  There is even some profanity.  

and sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, like...”

It wasn’t quite right and I couldn’t deliver it today.  I’m going to keep hammering away at it, with a little help from Reggie.  When I’m warmed up and it’s a smoking fast ball of a strike, I’ll wind it up and over the plate.  For today and for the sake of the blog, here’s a Bill Lee blast from the past.

Until anon…

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2 Responses to Spaceman, the Sequel

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Maybe one real coffee stand, with freshly perked (screw the drip stuff) from fresh ground beans and some real espresso, set up bright and early downtown is what the Moxie festival needs.

    Bill Lee, now there’s one for you never to cry about impending doom, but to keep on playing and laughing with.

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