It Ain’t Easy Being Faye

Last summer, I volunteered to maintain the beautiful garden area around our town’s gazebo.  Even though I didn’t know a thing about edging, I did my best and things turned out just fine.  I hung the bunting for Memorial Day, too, and took it down after Moxie just the way Faye has always done it.  This year, I’m getting an early start on things–the edger has been sharpened and I applied bulb food just before it rained.

Don’t forget the Easter eggs.

Gazebo Easter Egg
Like the bunting, the eggs are hung at strategic spots in the gazebo.  Faye provided me with the cording to hang them from the drilled holes at the top of the eggs, but it was too thick for anchoring them from the smaller holes at the bottom.

No problem.

I hung them as instructed and then anchored them with fish line.  Although I’ve never cast a line in my life, I have a small supply of the miraculous stuff.  It’s perfect for hanging light baskets, invisibly repairing and swagging draperies, and creating other decorating illusions.  When I hung the eggs last breezeless Sunday, everything was perfect.  Faye even called me to tell me “the gazebo looks great!”

On Monday, things were not so great and the eggs had busted out of their fish line anchors after a light wind swept into town.  No problem.  I have floral wire in my bag of tricks too, and I anchored the eggs with it.

On Tuesday afternoon, a zephyr wind blew in from the northwest and as I drove by the gazebo, damned if those eggs weren’t crazily swinging around like deserted saloon doors on Gunsmoke.  One of them had even fallen down.

I called Faye from the gazebo and she said she wasn’t surprised; sometimes these things happen. I told her I was going to take them down, bring them home, and find some better, stronger anchor and put them back up in the morning.

When I pulled back the curtain this morning, I had another surprise.

Snow AgainI’ll hang the eggs at the gazebo when I make my mail run today. Fingers crossed, this snow will be gone.

I’ll tell you, it ain’t easy being Faye.

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2 Responses to It Ain’t Easy Being Faye

  1. jbomb62 says:

    It’s always hard to step into the shoes of those who came before us; yet their model guides us and helps us to have a goal to stumble forward towards. I truly believe that the biggest challenge amidst the myriad ones we face as a society, is getting people to engage again in their communities, and step into the lurch left when the Fayes of the world decide their work is done.

    You well know that you can’t hang Easter eggs from your laptop.

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    Wow, we had bad weather down here, too. Temps dipped all the way down into the 50s last night. It’s probably not going to break 80 today.

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