The Sun Will Come Out

Today…because it’s Faye Brown’s birthday.

Today, August 14, 2014Another happy day!

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2 Responses to The Sun Will Come Out

  1. Slippah Sistah says:

    Hello Sistah,

    There was quite a light show down here Lewis Town way after eleven last night. The sky lit up the likes I’ve never seen before. Wonder if it had anything to do with the amount of water coming down at the time. It seemed as though each droplet of water acted as a photoptic cell and at any moment we could have been beamed up to outerspace (Scotty). I captured two and five eighths inchs of water coming down between ten p.m. and this morning. However, the first inch came within the first hour. Check, there should be water rising in the creek out back! Take note of the location of your kayak, life jacket and paddles. 🙂

    Love the photos with your sunflowers. You have a very artistic eye when it comes to composing the shots. Happy Birthday, Faye! Hope you all have a wonderful dry day! If you a chance to look out the windows anywhere, the water droplets on the vegetation act as little prisms when the sunlight hits them, turning the surface into a sparkling rainbow of color. Each moment a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing your corner of it.

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