The Great Coffee Challenge

In the last two or three months, I’ve noticed a rash of “challenges” on Facebook.

“I challenge you to dump a bucket of water over your head and if you don’t, give $100 to a non-profit.”

“I challenge you to say three positive things for three days.”

“I challenge you to stop drinking soda in 28 days.”

“I challenge you to drink a giant cup of coffee before bed every night for four nights and report your dreams on Facebook every morning.”

OK, I made that last one up.

Once, there was a “no Facebook for a day” challenge, but I see that it has been archived and can no longer be taken.

I was talking with a friend about these challenges and how it can be a challenge to be challenged.  If I decline the offer, does that mean I’m not an optimistic, upbeat person?  Does it make me a “hater?”  Although I realize I have everything I need in my life and I’m extremely thankful for it, posting about my life’s blessings seems like bragging.  There are some days I just want to be quiet.  On other days, I’m busy doing other things for other people and don’t want to be coerced or “guilted” into doing one more thing.

My friend said “none of us can be upbeat all the time.  It’s not even healthy.  We need variation.”

I don’t even know how to end this blog post today.  I don’t want to preach and rant.  I just want peace and quiet, silence even.  What kind of challenge is that for a Monday morning?

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1 Response to The Great Coffee Challenge

  1. Mary Conant says:

    Love it and I agree, sometimes it’s difficult to be upbeat and I, like you, never like to brag about all that I have rather I’d like to share my blessings with others in my own quiet way without fanfare. Hugs, Mary

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