I Save Things

Yesterday, I watched a video by a gentleman named Gary Vaynerchuk.  He was one of the judges in the recent Miss America pageant.  He’s also an entrepreneur and has monetized his personality and his passion into a successful social media branding empire.  You can read about him here.  You can watch his 2008 TED talk here about doing what you love.  (Some bleeping bad language.)

I’m not Gary Vee.  I’ll never be Gary Vee.  I follow him on Twitter and when I read his tweets, I blurt out some bleeping bad language.  I don’t understand everything he says, probably because I don’t have a Tee Vee.  I don’t know if I agree with his statement that “legacy is greater than currency.”

Except that Gary Vee works really hard and he hustles.  I love that.

I’ve been writing this blog now since February of 2012.  I don’t look at my stats, but I’m not changing the world with my words.  That’s ok.  It’s been my discipline in writing a first-person narrative.  I’ve told a few stories and I’ve tried to honor other people in doing so.

I love writing.

I also love saving things and there are several things in my life I want to save.  Not for me exclusively.  Maybe that will be my legacy; I don’t know.  But I need to hustle and be about this business.  Give it the old college try; not wake up one day thinking I didn’t give it my best.

All these words to say I’m changing my blogging schedule.  I’ll write words on Mondays and Fridays and feature my “Minimalist” picture on Thursdays.

And yes, I did just walk out into my backyard and tell a deer to “get the bleep out of here.”

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