Take Mom’s Advice

I’m still sick.  I drafted a blog post last night while I was waiting for my cold medicine to kick in, but it was ugly and snarky.  It was all about…Ballghazi.

I tucked myself in next to the vaporizer and slept fitfully until I had a dream about bad customer service at TD Bank.  What is wrong with me?  Why do I expect there would be such a thing as good customer service at a giant bank?  And speaking of Ballghazi, when have you ever seen a pack of poodles, also known as “journalists,” pursue bankers as ferociously as they pursued Bill Belichick and Tom Brady yesterday, nipping at their heels with stupid questions?


So I’m going to “take Mom’s advice” and rest today.  Try to drink a lot of fluids.  And think about something peaceful, orderly, and calming, like pinch-pleated draperies.

Pinch Pleated DraperiesBill and Tom are grown men; they don’t need my assistance to defend their honor.  They’ll do just fine.

You with me?

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1 Response to Take Mom’s Advice

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Unfortunately, valances tend to remind me of a certain former occupant of the house. WHY DIDN’T YOU ALERT ME YOU WERE GOING TO TRIGGER ME!!!!!!

    Maybe that’s why I initially read the caption as “Pleated Arched Violence.”

    Follow your mom’s advice, rest and drink fluids and contemplate things of beauty today, and get well. The valances can wait.

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