The Wombat

For a number of years, I’ve used “Bing” instead of “Google” when diving and searching the magic information oceans of the internet.  Why?  At first, it was in solidarity with a friend who worked for Microsoft.  Then, there were rumblings Google was trying to take over the world; who doesn’t want to stand up to tyranny?

Lately, my brother has been writing about Google and how Google is making us dumb.  He may even write about it today; he alluded to it when he stopped by for cake salon the other day.  I’m not sure if he’s covering the Google Swiss cheese brain syndrome but I hope so.  Go to his blog today to find out.

Unfortunately, Bing has an annoying habit of using critter pictures as a background image, sometimes photographically humanizing wild and ferocious animals to make them seem like loveable household pets.  This morning, for instance, Bing’s image was of a lone wombat making its way over a snowy terrain.  Insert sad music and you might think the poor wombat had just escaped a re-education camp or forced work pogrom.  Poor wombat!  Me, I thought it was a groundhog and I said to myself “why are they glorifying that rodent AGAIN?”

Curious, I clicked on the image.

I learned my mistake.  Not groundhog, but wombat.  There’s a difference.  The wombat is hardly the most popular or endearing critter in Australia, though.  Not like a koala bear.  According to Wikipedia, wombats are seen by many as “fat, slow, lazy animals,” and “considered by some farmers as a nuisance due primarily to their burrowing behavior.”

As my brother might say “Ding, ding, ding!”

Just the other day I had a conversation with Mr. DeeHan about ridding my yard of groundhogs.  Of course, groundhogs being fat, slow, lazy animals also, the ones in my yard are probably still in their hibernation.

But Bing images are rarely of rodents or marsupials chewing through the last cucumber plant in the garden or sawing a sunflower down with their two sharp incisors.  Bing animal images are cute, anthropomorphized creatures.  By hovering my “mouse” over the image, a text link pops up that says “did a teddy bear come to life?” and “time to turn in your resignation and move Down Under for a new job: rescuing orphaned marsupials.”

Oh, brother.

Teeny Tiny Coffee CupObviously, these new teeny tiny coffee cups aren’t working this morning.

I’ve got to hit the road soon and make a Lady Alone Traveler trip south and it must be affecting my love and compassion for orphaned marsupials.

And burrowing rodents sleeping in heavenly peace.

Have a wombat day.

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