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The Wombat

For a number of years, I’ve used “Bing” instead of “Google” when diving and searching the magic information oceans of the internet.  Why?  At first, it was in solidarity with a friend who worked for Microsoft.  Then, there were rumblings … Continue reading

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Cakes Come Crumbling Down!

I got sidetracked preparing a skit for my French class. There was a potluck, too.  Rather than chancing it with a new cake recipe, I stuck with a cake I can bake with my eyes closed. The Dibble Dabble. To … Continue reading

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Lodge a Complaint!

Although I’m not a big movie goer, there are a handful that I’ve watched many times as well as a select group I’ve watched so many times, I know all of the dialogue.  All About Eve comes to mind and … Continue reading

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