The Economy Cake

I have “economist envy.”

What do I mean by that?  I think economics is fascinating and yet, I have never had the time or the discipline to develop a deep and intimate understanding of the “dismal science.”  I have learned enough of the boring lingo to be dangerous to myself at almost any social gathering, though, and I generally stick to topics of macroeconomics.  The big picture is easy to talk about over bits of marinated chicken on skewers.

For such a dull topic, the internet is littered with economic blogs and websites.  Sometimes, I laugh out loud when I read them.  This week, a known economic lightning rod joined the social media fray, announcing a new blog.

Ben Bernanke’s Blog.

The beautiful alliteration extends, as the former Federal Reserve Chairman blogs from his new job at the Brookings Institute.

He’s on Twitter, too.  You should follow him.

The BernankHe’s tweeted 5 times in 3 days and has over 26,000 followers.  Talk about the law of large numbers.

He’s not yet as Twitter-effusive as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who clocks in at a little over 650 tweets and 32,000 followers, but he and Larry are having a blog fight over why interest rates are so low.

The Washington Post dramatically says it is the “most important blog fight ever.”

We shall see.

Here in the more barren landscapes, the snow continues its slow disappearance across the lawn.  My flower gardens have appeared and I now see the leaves I left to gently blanket spring’s arrival.  The furnace runs less frequently and the sun enters the house earlier from different angles.

To congratulate Mr. Bernanke on his blog adventures, I’m baking an “Economy Cake” today.  The recipe is simple, requires no eggs and no special cake flour.  In the event the cake is a bit dry, like some perceive the dismal science to be, I’ve got a stick of butter ready to frost up and improve any lagging financial indicators.

Good luck, Ben.

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2 Responses to The Economy Cake

  1. Jim says:

    The Bernanke Cake wasn’t bad, similar to Saint Helen’s “War Bars” from the sugarless 1970s.

    I’m not sure ole’ Ben can solve our economic ills via Twitter, but I like that he’s bullish on blogging.

    • Thank you for reminding me about the “War Bars,” still a popular favorite at Motel Four. I’ll feature the recipe on Friday when I take a needed “cake break.”

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