Deer Candy

On Saturday, my friend Julie (Slipper Sistah) came over and helped me wash windows.  As you may recall, I had originally started washing windows back in May and proposed to finish the job using the “one window at a time” method.  Time got away from me and here we are less than one week to Moxie and my windows aren’t spring or summer cleaned.

I know.  When a summer festival attended by tens of thousands of people is barreling down on you like a runaway train, you wash windows, right?

It was fun to have some help and we completed the job in 3 hours.  After finishing, we went out in the garden and I pointed out different plants and flowers that were coming into bloom.  I found a very large weed on the edge of the yard, one of many similar weeds.  Julie said “oh, those weeds are like candy to deer.”

Julie is more “outdoorsy” than me.  She knows how to fish and she has probably gone hunting once or twice.  I believed her and I started thinking about how these “deer candies” might keep little Bambi away from my flowers.

Julie may be right and the weeds in question are like candy; unfortunately, the sunflowers I was growing were like heroin and the deer were unrepentant junkies last night.

Deer CandyI wept for a few minutes this morning and then inspected the garden for more damage.  Yes, they nibbled the Echinacea and the Nasturtiums and the Zinnias.  Handy thinks I’m a baby about my gardens; he says I don’t enjoy them because I spend so much time battling the bugs, critters, and weeds.  He says they live rent free in my head.  While it’s certainly true I get a little wound around the wheelbarrow axle from time to time, I wonder what the gardens would look like if I didn’t take a few precautions?  Mrs. Perron built the most magnificent gardens; it’s such a wonderful gift she left and I feel some responsibility to keep them at least as lovely as they were when she lived here.  If I can enhance them, it’s all the better.

After I changed out of my garden clothes and threw on my 2015 Moxie Festival t-shirt (we’re selling women’s v-necks this year, by the way), I headed to the garden store for deer repellant and chicken wire.  When I got home, I built some Rube Goldberg-like covers for certain parts of my garden and then started spraying the repellant.  It was a mighty putrid concoction, a combination of rotten eggs, garlic, and who knows what else.

I’ve tried talking sense to the deer when I’ve seen them in the gully behind the house, but it doesn’t do any good.

The smell was absolutely raunchy and I almost lost the Pepperidge Farm Piroutte rolled wafer I had just eaten.

I’m crossing my fingers that the repellant and chicken wire keeps the deer away.  It might just make little Bambi barf, too.



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  1. Slipper Sistah says:

    Good Morning Julie-Ann!
    “Mrs. Perron built the most magnificent gardens. It’s a wonderful gift she left…” Since chipmunks or (ground squirrels) and gray, red squirrels, ground hogs, deer, fishers, cats, mink, muskrat and raccoons, beaver, and moose and oh coyotes, turtles, salamanders and snakes plow through the yard at will, here…there is a sense of wonder and some times frustration especially with ants, black flies, mosquitoes, bumble bees or yellow jackets when I have a chore to do and they stand in the way of it getting done. The one word of hope, of encouragement I hold out for you is that testimony that you stated in your blog. Mrs. Perron’s success with communing with the natural world around her and even being responsible for adding beauty wonderfully in her garden, says at least two things. 1. There is a way to do it. 2. She found that way. I hope and pray she, will guide you to the way she found so that you may also will be able to live in peace and enjoy your garden and yard for it is really beautiful and you’ve increased that already in the short time you’ve been there.
    But I don’t recall seeing a wire fence surrounding her flower gardens. Perhaps it was there and removed before I saw the place. You’ll recall if it was or not.
    In days not so long ago, the many Maine families in rural communities depended on the extra meat on the table during the winter months which was supplied by the deer populations. Perhaps the deer that are eating your sunflowers today will be food for people in your community this fall.

    It may be a wonderful opportunity for some young person to learn bow hunting skills and provide for their family, nutritious protein rich meals for the long winter months ahead, and cull the herd as well.

    Just food for thought, that it could be a great blessing in disguise.

    See you soon, if you’ll still let me step foot on the property with these views:)
    Love you Sistah

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