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The Clarion Call

Before there was a hotel chain called “Clarion,” there was a medieval trumpet of the same name.  A shrill and clear tone it had, so they say, but we don’t know for sure because there was no internet to confirm … Continue reading

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Deer Candy

On Saturday, my friend Julie (Slipper Sistah) came over and helped me wash windows.  As you may recall, I had originally started washing windows back in May and proposed to finish the job using the “one window at a time” … Continue reading

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The Garden Trellis

It’s Friday and for many, it’s the beginning of a long holiday weekend.  I was awake for quite some time last night; maybe it was the late afternoon coffee.  My hands were folded on my chest as I said The … Continue reading

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You Had to Be There

I can’t explain why the pea trellis at Uncle Bob’s took my breath away the other evening. I guess you had to be there.  No app for that yet.

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