Vacationland Hangover

Why don’t I have a category of blog posts called “Living in Maine?”  I should, shouldn’t I?

I woke up this morning to the most glorious summer day ever, an archetypal August day which fulfills all expectations for loveliness.  Zero humidity.  Unfortunately, I woke up with a “spike through my temple” headache, likely from too much lobster, too much picnic, too much sun, too much glorious time in the garden, too much Wyeth-esque scenery, and too much affectionate laughter with family and friends.

The only thing I did not get enough of, apparently, was coffee.  Coffee, like cigarettes, is addictive and the correct dosing of it is something I should not take lightly.  Thus, the Golden August Spike in my temple and the late blog posting.  We’ll leave “overcoming coffee addiction” for another day, a less glorious one.

First SunflowerLike a sunflower…

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2 Responses to Vacationland Hangover

  1. Bob Earle says:

    I believe I may have been suffering from much the same affliction when I woke on Sunday. Coffee did not help….

    • No, Bob, coffee did not help. I think we needed hydration, in the form of a few thunderstorms and overnight showers to revive us. It looks like fair winds and following seas will return tomorrow, just in time for another full weekend of indulging in Vacationland! Enjoy!

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