The Tree Skirt

I can’t believe it’s already the second Monday of Advent.  The local social scene kicked off this weekend and all over Maine there were parties, tree lightings, festivals, musical extravaganzas, and on and on and on.  Today promises to be similarly busy.

As I write this blog post, I’m baking a meat pie and some ginger snaps.  Baking and frosting sugar cookies?  That was yesterday.  I think I’m still wearing makeup from Saturday night’s first party of the season.

I’ve got sing-a-long practice this afternoon; then I’m delivering some holiday cheer to my friends at the local newspaper.  Wait, there’s a cookie swap in there somewhere too.

I am not complaining.

My cerebral preoccupation this weekend was a book I saw in a Portland store a few weeks ago.  It’s called The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish by Linda Przbyszewski.  When I first saw the book, I thought “why is someone always writing a book (blog post, long form magazine article, tweet) about something lost or dying?”  I picked it up, fanned the pages, and put it back down.

When I got home, I researched the book and the author; she’s a Notre Dame History professor and she’s occasionally taught a class called “Nation of Slobs: The Art, Ethics, and Economics of Dress in Modern America.”

I wonder what Professor Przbyszewski would think about the tree skirt I transformed into a holiday capelet?

Tree Skirt CapeletI wore it to a party Saturday night and I think it worked.

Like Santa, I’ve got miles to go before I sleep tonight, tree skirt or no tree skirt.

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