The Yawn in Review

Let’s briefly pause and contemplate the numerous “Year in Review” articles that form and multiply in the weeks leading up to today.  Much like roadside garbage, where only the most committed dumpster diver will pull over and examine the merits, few readers are interested in “the Year in Review.”  We’ve been there already; we’ve done that. We’re moving on.

For what it’s worth, my blogging platform, WordPress, did provide me with a “year in review” summary, announcing my most “viewed” posts.  They were all old posts from other years and I won’t mention them here because their strange combination of words and algorithms attracted only spammers.

No one wants spam hanging around.

However, I was happy to learn my “busiest blog day” was a post about friends.  When I think back on the “year in review,” my heart is happy and filled with gratitude for my friends.  They say you can never be too rich or too thin, but what do they know?  I think a better maxim is “you can never have too many friends.”

And blog readers!  I love my regular readers who stop by; some of them don’t comment here, but they reach me by e-mail, phone, and even letter.

Of course, I’m grateful and fortunate for the close proximity and love of my family.  If you don’t read my brother’s blog, you should.  And you should read it today where he’s documented his impressive year in reading.

And let’s not forget Handy; he makes my house (and my life) better every day.


(Custom holiday card designed by friend and artist, Robin Swennes.)

There might be a few changes here on the blog in 2016.  Some of you might know this already, but I’m writing a weekly blog for the local paper’s online edition, called “The Lady Alone Traveler.”  I’ll change my blogging schedule slightly to accommodate this new opportunity, but I think you’ll like what I’m writing there.

Coffee’s on!  From here at the old house on the hill, I wish you best wishes for an upcoming year of wonderful.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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6 Responses to The Yawn in Review

  1. David B. Rioux says:

    Bonne et heureuse anne et paradise a la fin de tes joures.

    Votre ami,


  2. Jim says:

    Happy 2016 to you, too! Thanks for the props about my own blogging and year-end book review. It’s become a New Year’s tradition of sorts at the JBE.

    Thanks for coming out and supporting Miss Mary and I at today’s Lobster Dip 2016 at OOB, as well as your generous contribution supporting Special Olympics Maine.

    I look forward to your continued blogging here, and at the Lady Alone Traveler/Sun-Journal site.

    Oh, and love the customer holiday card designed by Robin. I always smile when I look at your Christmas card that you sent. It truly captures all the qualities of your place in the ole’ hometown.


    • I loved your end of year book review, Jim. Once again, I fell into the “average American” category with my own reading, but am always inspired when I read your summary. I’ll try again in 2016!

      Great job with the Lobster Dip!

  3. Gail Brain says:

    Happy New Year Julie-Ann! Love your blog and the picture of your holiday card ! Wishing you all the best in 2016!

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