The Beautiful Unfinished Bridge

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

I’m going to get organized.

No, really.  I mean it.  I started a few days ago, burning old paid electric bills from my house in Portland.  Jaxon says 10 years is long enough to keep those types of “important” papers.  I’ve been spending an hour a day sifting through the neatly stacked boxes of stored stuff.  In fact, I found a document titled “The Excavation,” written in 2002.  It starts like this:

An Excavation is a process of sorting through the things I’ve accumulated in my 38 years of life and have been storing haphazardly in my spare bedroom.  The process involves sorting, grouping, and storing things.  This project accomplishes my personal goal of creating home order and more space.

Oh, so bombastic!

So, let’s do the math.  I’ve apparently been at this process of excavating my papers for 13 years now.  One might imagine my upstairs rooms look like the Library of Congress.  The document gets even better, though.  In the last paragraph, I ask myself “Is this part of some bigger goal?”

Yes.  Someday I hope to move.  When I do, I would like it to be easy to move because my home is orderly.  I also think I have many materials and projects that may be useful in the event I ever have my own business or shop.

I’ll be burning “The Excavation” in the next bonfire!

Then there was this gem.

Short Hair

I had short hair once.

I asked the artist, my BFF, if I should burn it.

“HELL NO!” was her prompt and fiery response.

Then I asked her if I should keep my old journals from 2002 and earlier, full of my maudlin scribblings.

“No, you might use them for something.  You have plenty of room in that house for those things.”

The good news about all of this is that as I anticipated when I wrote “The Excavation,” I did move and I do have room for these things.  I’d just like them to be organized and curated, maybe by year?  Is that too much to ask?  Back then, it felt like some grand design for the day when I would “write the book of my life.”  Ironically, I also found an article I’d printed in 2001 by some self-help guru about “how to publish a book.”

Then there was my 1999 poem, “Beautiful Unfinished Bridge.”

I am so glad the man who inspired that poem broke up with me.  Into the burning bin it goes!

It’s Friday and I’ve got miles to go before I sleep.  Handy and I made a plan to paint my office over the weekend.  Because that’s what you do when you’re “getting organized.”  You tackle it from the inside and the outside of the problem.  I’ve got two unfinished writing assignments in my bin, too.  I know I said I wasn’t going to write much on Fridays, but I was laughing so hard at some of the things I found during yesterday’s hour of excavation, I just had to share it with my blog readers.

Seriously, you just have to laugh to keep from crying some days.

I’ll postpone any further poems and books of my life for today, but don’t forget to pop over to my Lady Alone Traveler blog at the Sun Journal for new content.

Next Friday, I think I’ll share the psychic reading I went to in December, 1999.  To be continued…

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