Postcards from Presque Isle

It’s Friday and I just updated The Lady Alone Traveler blog over at the Sun Journal’s website.  Click on the gorgeous lighting fixture to be transported to Presque Isle, Maine.

Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library Gallery 2Amish buggies, beagles, and more…

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4 Responses to Postcards from Presque Isle

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Thank you for your postcards from the Valley. I drove up to Fort Fairfield and immediately recognized the Carnegie Library, which fits in nicely with a number of graceful brick buildings on that little main street. Now that Presque Isle is only a skip up the road, your guides will come in handy.

    • I will need to discipline myself to write these updates more frequently then! I do think PI is a creative hub of sorts. The frame shop trades in art supplies and some original works. Throw in the beagle and a cup of coffee and what’s not to love?

  2. Hi Julie-Ann,

    I enjoyed reading this story and the one about the Fort Fairfield Carnegie library. I would get books at the FF library in the summers of my youth when I visited my Grandmother. She at 6 Presque Isle Street. You drove by the house on your way into FF. My grandfather was on the board of directors of that bank back in the day. He opened a passbook savings account for me there shortly after I was born. And when I made and sold garlic powder as a small business a few years back, Canterbury Royal in FF was one of my customers.

    I’ve stayed at the Northeastland Hotel. Surprisingly nice place. I only wish I had known to stop by the library in Presque Isle to see the art! Never know about it until I read this article.

    You’re doing a great job with the travel writing!

    • Hello, Herrick!
      I got your snail mail note. Would it be possible that there is a still a mailbox with “Kimball” on it in FF? Because seeing that name somewhere in Aroostook County reminded me of you and the stories of your grandparents and thus, when I saw “Echoes” magazine I knew this was for you. Ironically, the editor Kathryn Olmstead taught a class I took at the University of Maine at Orono (Newspaper Design) and it’s interesting that she’s made The County her home and promotes it so beautifully in this publication.

      Maine is a small world…thank you for sharing your connections to it. Next week, I’m hoping to write about Caribou and the Saint John Valley. 🙂

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