Peering into Hallowell Granite

If I had a “Jackson” for every time I’ve sighed a heavy sigh and whispered “like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives” I might have enough money to quit my job for pay and write full-time.

I sat down to write the last leg of the Aroostook County Carnegie Library tour this morning and realized I couldn’t cover the six libraries we visited that day with the respect they were due.  At least not during the time I’d allotted to writing this morning.  The libraries in Milo, Old Town, Orono, Pittsfield, Oakland, and Waterville were an interesting grouping.  Seeing them all in one day reminded me of a long-ago trip to Las Vegas, spending my last hours in the city running up and down the strip collecting souvenirs from as many casinos as possible.

Here’s a Friday souvenir.

Hard Hearted Window

What secrets lurk behind the hard Hallowell Granite?

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