The Ability to Restrain

Do you have it?  That ability to restrain yourself from reacting in the heat of the moment?  Do you let emotions overtake you?  As I look out over the raging digital world this morning, I read many things.  Some begin like this:

“I’m not one to air my grievances in public, but…”


“I wasn’t going to post anything like this today, but…”

One writer posited she knew of no one able to restrain themselves.

Blog DarkI’m sad, tired and world-weary this morning, a Monday malady for which there is no cure.  I think I’ll take a vacation from this digital space for a week or so.  Putter around my garden, mow the lawn, and maybe take a few walks along the path of silence and restraint.

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1 Response to The Ability to Restrain

  1. Jim says:

    I think it’s important to unplug from all the white noise and and reconnect with silence and restraint as often as we can. I know my time on my bike yesterday, not aware of all the drama being played out on digital screens was a tonic to my own soul.

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