This is How the Story Ended

As some blog readers might recall, I started some moonflowers from seed in April.  I tried to grow them last year but they didn’t amount to anything.

Interestingly enough, I grew them one summer, in pots on my chicken coop-sized condominium deck.  That must have been the summer I made a firm resolve to leave “The Coop” after a member of the condominium association board of directors told me to take the climbing vines down because they were against regulations.  That was a dark summer, indeed.


They were so beautiful; how could anyone object?  Ugliness of heart can lead to a rejection of beauty.

I’d like to tarry longer on the topic of regulations, hearts, and flowers, but the sun is on the rise and I’ve got miles to go today.  Feel free to linger a moment and contemplate the moonflower.  What a creation!  I only planted the seed.

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