The Last of the Glads

What’s your favorite procrastination technique?

Surely, you’re not one of those people who never indulge in the dreaded habit?  Congratulations if you are.  Me, I’ll do any other productive thing to avoid something daunting.  I’ll balance my checkbook to the penny, pay all my bills, scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, and then weed the last blade of grass from the garden.

Fortunately, when the gladiolus are gone, I’ll have at least a month before the ground freezes and I dig up the corms from which they grew.


No need to procrastinate digging them up today or use the task as a foil for something else.

My property taxes are paid and I’m writing out a check for the sewer bill.  There’s not much left to do before digging in to the ever more daunting task I’ve been doing in my head for two weeks.

Certain weather uncertainty arrived this weekend, with Sunday starting out dark and drizzly but then clearing off.  It was quiet on my street with the occasional interruption of a breeze trying to sweep out the muggy afternoon air.

It was a perfect afternoon for doing dauntless tasks like paying bills, balancing checkbooks, and thinking about next year’s garden.

No more interruptions.

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