Half a Donut Day

As I look over my blog and read mid-February posts past, I see my themes have been generally the same.  There are posts about snow and shoveling.  There are posts about shoveling and beef roasts.  There are posts about snow anxiety and dreaming about shoveling beef roasts.  Or something like that.  Many of these same posts contain quick and almost-quiet mocking swipes at a holiday I don’t celebrate.

Galentine’s Day or “ovaries before brovaries, you know?”  (And if you would like to know where that quote came from, you are welcome to do your own Google search.  I’m gently mocking it, remember?)

Here’s a post I wrote in 2013.  I was hoping Mr. Right would show up with a heart-shaped pizza.

Sad, but I was hopeful.

This Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Handy stopped by around 10:00 a.m.  He hardly ever stops by that early.  But he did and he gave me half a chocolate frosted donut from a favorite bakery, wrapped in a napkin.  I had to hide a little tear from the corner of my eye.  It was sweet on several levels, but mostly because it was Handy’s own way of sweetness which he does not often show.  And that’s ok.  The donut touched me and I remembered that I have not been alone so much since Handy came into my life and started fixing things.

I used to be alone a lot, even when I was surrounded by others.  Would it be too saccharine to say how much Handy means to me?

The donut was delicious and as I had planned, I made Budget Beef Bourguignon.  I burned it a little in the beginning steps, but Handy said it was delicious.  And we didn’t have Ginger Tea over Silken Tofu for dessert.  We split a heart-shaped Bismark from a favorite bakery.


There goes the plow.  On to more shoveling…after all, it’s February.

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  1. Robert Earle Jr. says:

    Very sweet. I like Handy. I love Parks and Recreation by the way.

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