Along the Foundation

Jack and the Beanstalk.  I think that was name I heard in my dreams last night.  Or maybe it was Sasquatch, Godzilla, or King Kong.  It seemed so clear by the time the Sun Journal arrived in the front door.  This blog post was nearly dream-state complete when the alarm went off an hour later.

Poof…and it was gone.  I sat up in bed and I had nothing.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring-like day, so lovely I hung laundry outside on the clothes line.  The clothes smell fresh after a day in the sun and air.

Someday someone will probably try to tell you that running a clothes dryer that ultimately runs on petroleum is better for the planet than hanging your clothes out to dry; they’ll conjure up some pretzel logic to convince you to BUY BUY BUY a new appliance that will make you feel better and satisfy your neighbors who don’t like looking at your towels and dainties blowing in the wind.

I saw something similar on the Simple website yesterday.  I was using one of their recipes and I got a pop-up suggesting I could “reduce waste and save time cooking with these fresh, pre-cut and portioned ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep.”  There was a button I could click to “buy the meal-kit” for “Pasta with Turkey and Broccoli.”

How does that work?

The recipe called for ground turkey and broccoli.  Have they invented powdered turkey meat and broccoli?  If not, how do you ship fresh turkey meat and broccoli and deliver it straight to my doorstep?  How does that reduce waste?  Do the broccoli stalks magically disappear somewhere far away from my doorstep?

I’ll have to do some research; it’s possible they don’t deliver to my zip code even if I did want to buy a box of their twisted pretzels.

Meanwhile, along the foundation of my old house, the “ditch lilies” are popping up.

along-the-foundationThat part of the house gets the sun almost all day long.  My garlic is still under snow, but I’d say things are on schedule for its arrival at about the same time I saw it last year.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    We might see some ditch lilies, too, after another foot and a half of snow finishes melting. A sore reminder that I need to order my erisa heather ASAP, frost resistant (if well mulched) and can go in as soon as the ground is soft enough to turn. Gentian, too. And rinse out a year’s worth of vinegar bottles and get them to my local farmer before the maple starts running (heavier plastic than milk jugs). And shovel out the grill, too. It’s practically mid-summer up here, or so it feels.

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