Somewhere in Bucksport

Late yesterday afternoon a high school classmate stopped by my house with some money for his reunion tickets.  I hadn’t seen him in a long time and while he looked almost the same as when we graduated from high school, I didn’t recognize him at first.  We got caught up a bit, talked about all manner of things from legalized marijuana to historic houses.

He had lived in Stockton Springs, a small Waldo County town on the road to Bucksport.  I mentioned my recent visit to the area and my meandering about the neighborhood surrounding the public library.  The area is a marvel of historic houses.  Not all were in pristine condition, but most were intriguing.

I wish I had taken more pictures of this house.  The center chimney isn’t centered and that’s curious.

What is that sound?  Oh, damn.  I hear the responsibilities of the day creeping up the staircase.  Time’s up for imagining and dreaming about a peaceful life behind the Palladian window.

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