Searching for Mrs. Shockley

One of my Basilica research destinations was the Androscoggin Historical Society.  The AHS have a large collection of Lewiston’s now-defunct Evening Journal, bound periodical-style.  They’re dusty and dirty and still have the faint feel of newsprint about them.  During one afternoon session, I worked my way through the first half of 1934 and found this advertisement.

I’ve done some preliminary research about this event but have found little about Mrs. Shockley.  Maybe she was a character actress, like Butterfly McQueen or Marjorie Main.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve had very little time for pleasant avocations like researching and writing.


We will reconvene here again next week and ponder the mysteries of women gazing into large mixing bowls, new recipes, and Mrs. J. Watson Shockley.

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