In the Rear-view Mirror

A few days ago, I bolted onto Route 196 in my Jeep, seizing an opportunity between speeding cars.  I’ve blogged about this busy road before and readers will be happy to know a true crosswalk was installed near the new Rusty Lantern convenience store late last year.  The Rusty Lantern?  That’s a different story for another day.  Be that as it may, I righted the vehicle after my rapid merge and rearranged myself for a short trip to Lisbon Center.


As part of my rearrangement, I checked my mirrors.  Nothing on the right, nothing on the left.  Then the rear-view.

What’s this?

My cat’s eye vision zeroed in on the olive-green Ford Escape behind me.  Could it be?  I squinted my focus on the license plate and confirmed it was indeed my parents.

Herman and Helen have more appointments and commitments than anyone I know.  I hear about their activities via daily texts from my mother.  There might be an eye doctor’s appointment, a funeral, or a visit to an elderly friend in a nursing home.  Sometimes, they drag Uncle Bob along with them and this particular day, I think they were all going to the big box store to help said uncle buy a new Tee Vee.  Helen texted me earlier, saying “Uncle Bob’s TV conked out.”

I don’t know if they saw me or now.  I tried to slow down enough for Herman to catch up with me, but I’m sure he was focused on getting to Auburn safely and securely.  Thank goodness.

We’re in “Moxie Fundraising Mode” right now.   Because the festival does not run on love and volunteer power alone, I’ve been busy writing and sending “ask” letters to local businesses.  I’ve been “asking” them to support the festival financially.

I composed a brief, heartfelt letter and sent it out.

The first wave of money is rolling in.

Whenever someone gives you money, whether it be for your birthday, wedding, or hometown summer festival, proper thanks should be promptly given.  Sure, we’ll publicly thank all of our sponsors on our website and various social media outlets, but this year I am elevating my appreciation with a handwritten thank you note.

So that’s why I missed last week’s blog post.

I don’t know if it makes a difference to send a handwritten thank you note anymore, but I’m going to do it anyway.  Because when you’re doing something in the public sphere, whether it’s driving to Lisbon Center or running a local summer festival, there is always someone in the rear-view mirror watching your actions.  I don’t want to let them down.

For Moxie and the hometown, I am thankful.

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