I Have Considered That

The other day, I found a beautiful decorative “tablet” someone had given me many years ago.  What is a beautiful decorative tablet?  I don’t know.  I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it.

Easter 2019

It’s approximately 7 by 10 inches and quite lovely.

When I received it, I didn’t know what to do with it.  I scribbled this on the inside cover:

“John Boy Walton was exceedingly grateful when his father gave him a package of writing tablets for Christmas.  Remember?  In the ‘Homecoming.’  Perhaps I am ungrateful.  I have considered that.”

Today is Easter Sunday, 2019.  I will go to church with my parents and then we’ll have dinner at J.R. Maxwell’s in Bath.  We’ll come back to my house and have some coffee and dessert.

I have my outfit planned out.  I wonder if it would be obnoxious to wear a hat?  I have a nice neutral number I could pull out, although I’ve been saving it for a Kentucky Derby party.  It will look obnoxious at that gathering as well.  After all, this is Maine, not Myopia.

It will be a last-minute decision, pending hair and weather.

Perhaps I am ungrateful for this abundance of riches I contemplate this overcast and drizzly Easter Sunday.

I have considered that.

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