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Everything you ever wanted to know about The Moxie Festival in my hometown, Lisbon Falls, Maine!

The Counting of Days

I’ve been calendar-focused these last few months, with many deadlines and personal red-letter days interwoven with the weather and seasons of life.  Additionally, I’ve been studying last year’s calendar, confirming that it’s been a year since I got my last … Continue reading

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The Collective Sigh of a Community

The Maine town of Lisbon pulled off its 36th Moxie Festival over the past weekend.  It’s a distinctively different event, difficult to define.  30,000 people converge on an old mill town to celebrate a soft drink.  They wear orange.  They … Continue reading

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In Heavenly Blue

I planted “Heavenly Blue” morning glories this year and I waited eagerly for their arrival.  I like the purple “Grandpa Ott’s” but the blue ones are my favorite. One bloomed today. Today, our town will bury my Moxie BFF and … Continue reading

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Stop Watching the Clock

I had a much different blog post scheduled for today, a polemic on social media, Tee Vee advertising, and men’s jeans.  I called it “Opera Jeans” and although I hadn’t crafted how it would hang together on the page, it … Continue reading

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Fireworks and Fireflies

Yesterday was Independence Day, or the Fourth of July.  Fireworks are legal in Maine now and there were a variety of “do it yourself” firework shows around town.  Some I could see from my porch and others I could hear.  … Continue reading

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A Chunk of the Moon

Due to Sunday’s rain, the Moxie Car Show was postponed to August 14.  Fortunately, Friday’s fireworks were wonderful; my brother and sister-in-law came over and we watched them right from the backyard of my house.  After the fireworks, we started … Continue reading

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Rain Dance

The forecast for the Moxie Festival is mixed.  It might rain.  As the Moxie math goes, heat always trumps rain for the festival, meaning folks will come out in the heat but not so much in the rain.  The good … Continue reading

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