Friday Pillow Talk – King Corn Candy Land

Fortunately, I’m a pretty healthy person, so I didn’t understand why I was having a headache behind my “T-Zone” and just a little bit of positional vertigo.  Through the magic of the internet, I self-diagnosed myself with a “sinus issue” and proceeded to obtain some “anti-sinus tablets.”  Apparently, “anti-sinus tablets” are quite popular and buying them requires special permissions and proofs of identity.   One of my co-workers has sinus issues BIG TIME and was able to give me a few of her “anti-sinus tablets.” (Thanks, Michelle!)  She forgot to tell me they were “stimulants” and not “sedatives” and I popped one before bed and curled up to the hypnotic gurgling of my vaporizer.

First, I listened to an entire replay of Wednesday night’s Celtic’s loss to the 76’ers.   Ouch!

Then, I downloaded all the pictures on my digital camera and tried to figure out which ones might make it into future blog posts.

I got up and drank a glass of raw milk.

I wrote my Thursday blog and posted it early.

I did a little internet research on “anti-sinus tablets” and concluded I might never fall asleep.

Finally, I watched the movie “King Corn” again.

The movie is a humorous story of two friends who decide to grow an acre of corn.  They move to Iowa and learn that growing corn is a very complicated proposition in which the government subsidizes farmers to over produce corn.  The corn is then used to make cattle feed, the low-cost sugar substitute called high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and bio-fuels.  One of the movie maker’s conclusions was that the corn being grown today is the raw material for an overweight society.

Of course, Monsanto was mentioned with their miraculous herbicide Roundup, but that’s another blog post under the future category “She Writes Something Serious.”

The part of the movie I found compelling was an interview with former Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz.  During his time as Secretary, 1971 – 1976, he promoted the growth of agribusiness by telling family farmers to “get big or get out” and to plant crops “from fencerow to fencerow.”  In “King Corn” he is now an old man in a wheelchair and he defends his legacy by saying that his programs provided America with inexpensive food.  I think he truly believed he had created a land of plenty.

It was pretty late (or pretty early, depending on perspective) when I finally fell asleep, although it wasn’t very restful.  I ended up having a dream about the board game, “Candy Land.”  I loved that game when I was little.  I can remember playing it with my brother and a babysitter on the rare Saturday nights when my parents got dressed up and went out.  Those were the days!  My mother might make some special snacks for us and there might be soda.  Back then, gas was expensive, soda was a rare treat, and Candy Land was torture for babysitters.  Life was sweet.

In my dream, I was lost in the Peppermint Stick Forest, trying to make my way past the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House without breaking a tooth.  I finally made it to the Ice Cream Floats, except they kind of looked like these snowed-in raised beds at the Hampton Victory Garden.

I never made it to the Candy Castle.  My ice cream float sprung a leak and I was drowning in an ocean of soda.

That is why I am never going to take another “anti-sinus tablet” again.  And for the record, in the Hampton Victory Garden, no corn is to be planted in any plot.

Could you go a day without High Fructose Corn Syrup?

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