Swimming Against The Inside Tide

I was invited to a fancy party last Friday night.  The theme was “3 Comedians and 3 Cocktails.”  The invitation left out the part about 3,000 tiny appetizers, so they were a pleasant surprise.  I finagled an invitation for my writing relatives and we all dressed up and went to a party in the historic district of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The city of Boston and its environs are Zone 5b on the USDA’s Plant Hardiness zone map and even though that’s just a one zone difference from Seacoast New Hampshire, spring was busting out all over Cambridge Friday night.  The temperature was sweater-pleasant and fragrant flowering trees swayed slightly over the brick sidewalks; I guess they’d only had one cocktail at that point in the evening.  My friend’s tulips, like my friend, were outrageously generous in the beauty and color they added to this world.  These tulips looked like a scarlet flash mob and they were swaying slightly, too.  It was an intoxicating new tulipomania.

The front door was wide open all night, bringing the tipsy spring air inside and everything was lovely.

After we’d all had at least 33 appetizers, cocktails, and countless conversations, we were ushered into the living room for the comedians.  I don’t watch Tee Vee and I’m not a big “let’s go to a comedy club” kind of person, so I had no idea who any of the comedians were, including the closer, Kelly McFarland.  Doing a quick Google search, it seems like she’s kind of famous.  As part of her opening, she did a shtick about people who like being outside.  She had fun ribbing those who are always asking “aren’t you going to go outside today?”

Kelly finished her routine and little desserts were passed.  I ate three of these tiny ice cream cones.

We said “thank you for inviting us, everything was fantastic, we had a great time, but we’ve got to go!” and we went outside to breathe deeply of the night air.  It was absolutely glorious and I want to thank Kelly McFarland for reminding me that I’m a “going outside” kind of person.  Maybe there’s a new trend afoot to encourage people to stay inside, but I’m going to swim against the “inside” tide.

I’m going to be outside at the Hampton Victory Garden all afternoon; you go outside today, too, and swim against the “inside” tide.

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