Cryptic Birthday Cards

It’s Sunday; I should be resting.  It’s hard to rest sometimes.

One of my friends sent me a cryptic birthday card.  I’m trying to figure it out.  There was a Biblical reference, there was a Bruce Springsteen quote, and there was a reminder of something from the past.  There was a ribbon in the envelope, too.  There was a picture of a red tractor (probably a Farmall) glued inside the card; there was a sticker of sunflowers in the card.

These are not sunflowers; they’re nasturtiums:

I don’t know what it all means and I’m tired.

Next week, we can celebrate a few more birthdays, discuss serious topics like the darker aspects of August and the changing seasons.

I’m not going to think about Bruce Springsteen today.  I’m going to rest.

You do the same.

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