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They Gave Their All

This spring, as I pulled weeds and thinned flowers and runaway plants with bad boundaries, I worried that the gardens at my new house would be too sparse.  Things were overgrown; the prior owner’s health had prevented her from keeping … Continue reading

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The Slumber Party

I don’t remember how old I was when I went to my first “slumber party.”  Fourth grade?  Fifth?  A girl from school invited eight or ten girls over to her house and we brought sleeping bags.  We played typical slumber … Continue reading

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Au Revoir

The first flakes are falling today and my flower friends won’t make it.  It’s hard to believe I took this picture on Tuesday. I’ve saved a few seeds from this plant because in French it’s “au revoir” and not “good … Continue reading

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Cryptic Birthday Cards

It’s Sunday; I should be resting.  It’s hard to rest sometimes. One of my friends sent me a cryptic birthday card.  I’m trying to figure it out.  There was a Biblical reference, there was a Bruce Springsteen quote, and there … Continue reading

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Exponential Rain

It rained a lot last night; I wish I had a cistern to collect all the rain that came down.  Until I build my ultimate water catchment system, the three barrels at Uncle Bob’s will have to do. I planted … Continue reading

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