Au Revoir

The first flakes are falling today and my flower friends won’t make it.  It’s hard to believe I took this picture on Tuesday.

I’ve saved a few seeds from this plant because in French it’s “au revoir” and not “good bye.”

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6 Responses to Au Revoir

  1. Positively 4th Street says:

    Man sagt auf Deutsch “Auf wiedersehen.” In Bayern sagt man “Auf wiederschauen.” Kennst du das nicht? Nur ein bischen Deutsch?

    • (Shamefaced, she responds)
      I failed German 100 in my first year at UMO and I have packed up my German textbooks for the move.
      Luckily, I have watched “The Sound of Music” enough to know exactly what you are saying.

      Interestingly, Nana and O’Pa never spoke German on Pleasant Street.

  2. Positively 4th Street says:

    In the wake of the First World War advertising one’s German ancestry wasn’t advised, and like so many immigrants the pressure to sanitize themselves of their past must have been very great.

  3. Positively 4th Street says:

    Cool–did you learn how to make it from them? Real sauerkraut is great stuff, every meal in Bayern is served with it, especially from the purple cabbage.

    • Ja, and Uncle Bob has a cabbage slicer too. We didn’t make any this year, but O’Pa made it every year until he died. Bob, Hermie, Jim, and my cousin John all know how to make the ‘kraut. Maybe I will do a blog post about it. Fermented foods are good!

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