Mental Dental Floss

Things are not looking good in “Trophy Town” this week.  On Sunday, the Boston Red Sox were mathematically eliminated from post-season baseball play.  On the same day, the New England Patriots lost a game they should have won.  The National Hockey League lock out threatens to end any plans for a trip to the (insert current corporate owner’s name here) Garden for Bruins action.  So far, I haven’t heard anything about the Boston Celtics on the local sports radio megaphone, WEEI.

Is today the day some news will come through the air about the 17-time World Champion winners?  Could a trivial piece of news about Kevin Garnett’s glasses send Boston sports fans spiraling to the edge of the ledge?  Pre-season play begins in just 11 days.

What does it all mean?

I think it means “time to shut down sports radio for a while.”  If there is such a thing as mental dental floss, I need it to scrape away the meaningless sports trivia from my brain.  Can a person empty their brain of all the “sound and fury signifying nothing” that passes for news, sports, and weather?  I hope so.

The answer is probably in the fall garden.

With the days getting shorter, there’s a lot to do.  Let’s turn off the radio and think about something better in the garden.

How is your fall garden shaping up?

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4 Responses to Mental Dental Floss

  1. SK says:

    That is a perfectly beautiful pumpkin u have grown!

  2. SK says:

    Plans for garden have to be reavulated, while I felt a perfect sunny spot, I only just realized that there would be a severe water shortage as there is no way to get the water to that location. Aghh, so scouting for a new spot once again. : )

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