Sunday’s Signpost

I had forgotten this corner.

Following Saturday night dinner table conversation, the name still eludes me.

Someone will remember.

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Signpost

  1. faye says:

    i figure it is the white (church now?) just before the left turn to litchfield in bowdoin center before the store- from riding my bike, i think these are all accurate mileage from that point.. maybe

  2. It’s the old Grange Hall and Carol L. also guessed it correctly, across from the cannon and the Bowdoin Town Store (BTS). Sorry, Carol, I accidentally deleted your comment! Please comment again. Dianne T. (my sister-in-law’s sister) also directed me to this bit of history about the intersection:

    I thought the corner might be called something like “Cannon Corner,” like “Peppermint Corner” in Lisbon.

    According to the woman I asked at the BTS, the old building might be condemned! I’ll have to do some more investigation.

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