The Sadness of the Last Apple

Our American culture pays significant tribute to being environmentally friendly and green.  A commercial that runs regularly on a local sports talk radio station tells me to do “just one thing” to help improve the environment.  I can buy “green” paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning solutions which will leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth.

The Red Sox played a carbon neutral game last night.

I was intrigued when I heard Joe Castiglione mention it and I imagined legions of Red Sox fans bringing their own snacks to the game in brown paper bags.  Maybe there was a compost bin set up behind the aptly called “green monster” and the hot dog vendors were picking up separated garbage during the game and bringing it to the bins instead of hawking food.

A carbon neutral game at Fenway, apparently, means the Red Sox organization purchased renewable energy credits to offset the amount of emissions generated from the game.  Who knew it was so easy to be green!

I wonder if renewable energy credits are like collateralized debt obligations or CDO’s?

A whole new type of marketing has evolved called “green marketing.”  This Wikipedia article is interesting, especially the section about “greenwashing” about a third of the way down.  Have my thoughts and decisions been subjected to greenwashing?

Is my decision to only eat fruit grown within a 100 mile radius of where I live just a green scheme I created from a green washed brain?

Today I will eat the last apple from Hackleboro Orchards in Canterbury, New Hampshire.  When it’s gone, I have two containers of frozen rhubarb sauce from last summer I can nurse along until O’Pa’s rhubarb is ready to pick in a few weeks.  There will be strawberries in late May and June, blueberries in July, and peaches in August.

Assuming things continue on peacefully, it will be September soon enough and time for apples again.

If there was just one thing I could do today, I think I’d plant an apple tree.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Plant two. They need company.

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